Mama Mchanga

The Mama Mchanga project (Young mother) targets young women between the age of 18 and 35 years with no form of income and with limited/lack of the necessary skills for formal or self-employment. The project aims at equipping the young women, mostly young mothers, with practical and technical skills to establish and run successful income generating activities, such as financial literacy skills, skills in tailoring, catering, agribusiness, ball stitching, beadwork, leather work, and other small IGAs that have a quick and ready market for product uptake. After the training, the project provides a small grant to serve as the initial startup capital to the graduates and help them establish businesses within their skill set.

Business Grants and Incubation

The project also helps the women to acquire supplementary business finance through bank loans, VSLA loans, Chama loans, and other flexible but friendly financing available at grassroots level. The final component of this project is a business incubation and mentorship programme, where the businesswomen are incubated for one year as they receive mentorship support, monitoring to ensure that they are repaying their loans, management of their books, scaling up, and establishment of a savings plan.