Mrembo Project

The Mrembo (beautiful maiden) project provides material and psychosocial support to meet the needs for adolescents to ensure they stay safe and in school. This includes sanitary towels for girls, psychosocial support due to various stress factors such as school closure due to Covid 19, and some adolescents having undergone GBV at home or in the communities; adolescent sexual and reproductive health education and rights advocacy, information and services; payment of school fees for girls who have dropped out due to poverty; and the provision of other complimentary learning materials such as text books and exercise books, school uniform and shoes, and school bags on need basis.

Psychosocial Support

The Mrembo project also supports teachers who require psychosocial support due to stress of work and pressure to complete school syllabus, at the same time dealing with prevention and management of COVID-19 infection; provide protective face masks to learners and teachers, hand sanitizers, hand washing stations, and information on control and manage COVID-19 to schools and school communities. The project aims at establishing health and rights clubs in schools, and their capacities enhanced to provide counselling, peer to peer mentorship and psychosocial support, and dissemination of anti GBV campaigns and covid information through mass media. The Mrembo Project leads sit in various advocacy platforms at county and national levels and contribute their voice on the needs and rights of adolescent girls. The project also aims at conducting research on gender issues affecting adolescents and youth in the county, evidence which will guide policy stimulation and design of various interventions that can help this specific vulnerable group live and enjoy life at the utmost.