The Schools Feeding Programs

The schools feeding programs (SFPs), established in early 2020, were as a result of an initial needs assessment (INA)that was conducted earlier on in 2018. One key recommendation from the INA was to ease/relieve young mothers on the burden of gathering, preparing, and delivering lunch to their children in Early Childhood Centers. This would mean creating more time for the mothers to attend our training activities, engage in self-help/VSLA group activities, and thereafter establish and run their own enterprises. As a measure the project embarked on establishing SFPs in 3 pilot schools in WAITA zone in February 2020. The three projects were funded through contributions from the board members and savings by the founder.

More Than Just Food

The SFPs were providing a mid-morning snack (a cup of porridge), and a plate of rice (mixed rice and beans boiled together) during lunch time. The project supplied the dry foods and remuneration for the cooks. The SFP project will moving forward also build the capacity of ECD parent committee members to take ownership and management of the SFP, including provision of fuel (charcoal and/or firewood), payment of cooks, refurbishment of kitchens, and providing daily water required for food preparation. The committees will also ensure the safety of the food provided and be accountable to all the resources that have been procured for the SFPs by the project. This measure will ensure a buy in and sustainability beyond the project.