Tuinuwane Project

The Tuinuwane (Let us lift one another) project comprises of collectives/groups comprised of members of different ages, gender, background, and income abilities, who come together to form vibrant village savings and loans associations. The different groups constitute between 15 and 20 members (max), and are supported with financial literacy training, training on group formation and group dynamics, constitution development, registration process, savings culture, loaning culture, and future investment plans.

Providing Saving Platforms

The immediate goals of the Tuinuwane groups is to provide saving platforms for their members, access to easy and quick low interest loans to members, and also act as platforms of psychosocial support networks for GBV survivors and victims. The long-term goal for the Tuinuwane groups is to form investment groups that will provide their members with high return investments and cushion them from poverty as they age.